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My Story

Why I chose to be a Kingdom Worker

It all started at a church event called "The 29 Hour Famine" at my home church Kingsway. A group of teens, including me, all agreed to go 29 hours without any food to raise money for an organization called Care India. This is a program that helps several kids and people in need in India. I helped raise about $300 for the famine and our goal was $12,000 but sadly we only raised about half of our goal which surprisingly crushed me. For my 16th birthday I decided to ask for donations for Care India instead of gifts. Through that I raised about $100, but it was still not as much as I hoped so I continued to pray about it. Fast Forward to CIY 2014 in Michigan. During the previous CIY (Christ in Youth), I felt God calling me to devote my life to full time ministry. Now For CIY 2014, I didn't know what He had in store for me. During the week there were several stories about Teens like me going out and being Kingdom Workers and doing what God called them to do. This caught my attention, so I prayed "God, if you want me to be a kingdom worker show me how" and an old idea I had before came to mind. Making jewelry! I had just taught myself how to make jewelry out of recycled soda cans for a school project after having a semester of jewelry making in school. Nearly everyone who saw my pieces said I should consider selling them. So later in the week I prayed "Ok God, if this is what you want me to do than show me a charity". Later that night one of the CIY leaders, Chris Fowler, shared with us about a program called "Save the Girl" based out of Care India. After this happen I then prayed "ok God, You've shown me a charity and a way to raise money for it, but I still don't know for sure if this is Your plan for me. Is this what You want me to do?"  I started to talk to other leaders, who all encouraged me. One of the CIY leaders who I've known since I was in first grade, especially encouraged me by telling me to just keep going until God tells me to stop. So when I got back from CIY I went to the craft store with my mom and started experimenting. Within one week I had made about 7 bracelets and kept going. Now my goal is to continue making these bracelets to raise money for "Save the Girl". Thanks for reading!